sábado, 21 de diciembre de 2013

Super Shooter

Shoot down all the enemies before they kill you.
Play on 12 levels with increasing difficulty, fighting against gunmen, snipers, enemies with machine-guns along the different places.
Use your weapons against the different enemies to advance in the game.
The shotgun is very effective in short distances and also for moving targets.
Your rifle lets you aim and shoot down any enemy with one shot, and you will need it for avoiding the snipers.
The machine-gun is always usefull, but don´t waste your ammo.
Earn some gold during the game and shop for ammunition at the shop.

Shoot at will or aim carefully with the help of your sight.
Gun, shotgun, machine-gun and sniper.
Earn gold and get more ammo at the shop.
12 levels, more levels coming soon.

sábado, 1 de diciembre de 2012

WIM Shopping List

WIM Shopping List.
WIM (Where Is My) Shopping List helps you organize your items in groups and quickly navigate through them.

You can view the items organized in groups.
Click on a group to navigate to it, or expand it  directly.
Create new groups or items.

Clicking in the Alfabethical sort button, you can access the  items list view.
Tapping on a letter, takes you quickly to find the items.

When you navigate to a group, you can go back clicking in the  breadcrumb trail.
Click 'ALL' to see the main groups.

Click on the basket button to see what is in the list.
Tap on any item to set it as buyed, and you can remove it with the 'Refresh button'.
Hide the 'Cost Panel' in the options menu, or send the list by email.
By tapping the pencil on any item, you can change the quantity.

If you do a long touch on an item or group, you are able to change it.
You can indicate a price and a format for any item.
Also, you can move items to another group.

Easily enter the quantity of any item, even fractions.

You can create as many groups as you want, groups under groups under groups and so on.
Choose a colour for the group if you want.
Also you can move the group inside another one.