sábado, 21 de diciembre de 2013

Super Shooter

Shoot down all the enemies before they kill you.
Play on 12 levels with increasing difficulty, fighting against gunmen, snipers, enemies with machine-guns along the different places.
Use your weapons against the different enemies to advance in the game.
The shotgun is very effective in short distances and also for moving targets.
Your rifle lets you aim and shoot down any enemy with one shot, and you will need it for avoiding the snipers.
The machine-gun is always usefull, but don´t waste your ammo.
Earn some gold during the game and shop for ammunition at the shop.

Shoot at will or aim carefully with the help of your sight.
Gun, shotgun, machine-gun and sniper.
Earn gold and get more ammo at the shop.
12 levels, more levels coming soon.